Getting the most out of diversity through inclusion, engagement and developing people

Maternity Coaching

Our maternity coaching programmes have multiple benefits for the organisation, individuals and teams.

Unconscious Bias

Price Global offers tailored Unconscious Bias workshops and personal / group assessments and reports

Everyone has biases. Unconscious Bias workshops explore perceptions, attitudes, blind spots and tendencies that may impact individuals themselves and the people around them.


Gender Equity Conference
Price Global is proud to be taking part in Hong Kong’s biggest Gender Equity Conference, Thursday, 29 September, with PG’s founder, Suzanne Price, delivering the keynote presentation, “We know about unconscious bias – but what do we do about it?"

For the second consecutive year, Suzanne Price was named one of the Top 10 Diversity Consultants for inclusion initiatives that make a difference on The Daily Telegraph's 2016 Global Diversity List.