Getting the most out of diversity through inclusion, engagement and developing people

Unconscious Bias

Price Global offers tailored Unconscious Bias workshops and personal / group assessments and reports

Everyone has biases. Unconscious Bias workshops explore perceptions, attitudes, blind spots and tendencies that may impact individuals themselves and the people around them.

In addition, our Unconscious Bias E-Learning programmes provide awareness-raising tools about unconscious bias and practical ideas on how to reduce the potential for negative impact of bias. Narration and guidance are provided by trained Inclusion and Diversity Consultants.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion affects everything from structure and processes to values, attitudes, emotions, behaviours and relationships. We transform organisations using our multi-layered approach to embed a D&I strategy that cultivates real and sustainable change at all levels.


Leadership development programmes
Individual and team coaching

With a foundation in technical and managerial skills, people will deliver their best work if given developmental opportunities to understand more about themselves and skills to extend their capabilities.
To develop leadership potential and enhance performance, we use a tailored approach to assess unique needs.

Suzanne Price joined the DIAN Podcast for their episode "Thriving in a multi-cultural workplace and building resilience," available to listen to now.