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Building Resilience and Managing Bias for Women

Women's Leadership Development Programme
Building Resilience and Managing Bias for Women

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Overview of our 1-day Workshop

The Dilemma
With strong biases held by men and women about ‘what leadership looks like’ and ‘how society expects women to behave’ women leaders are faced with a double bind.

If women strongly demonstrate some of the commonly perceived traits of leaders, they are told they are ‘too aggressive’. If women demonstrate what might be described as more feminine leadership traits, the organisation says they are not leadership material.

Some women survive through assimilation and acting out the leadership success profile. The risk they take is a loss of authenticity and minimising their true potential. Others lose their confidence the more they are overlooked for leadership opportunities and they gradually down-size their dreams.

Our Solution
Price Global has coined the phrase ‘double image management’ to explain the extra level of awareness and skill required for women to mitigate internal and external biases to navigate their career as 21st century leaders. With over 10-years experience as pioneers designing and delivering leadership development programmes for women in Asia Pacific, Price Global have a proven track record of effectiveness and research on what really makes a difference.

Our programmes specifically for women form one part of our systemic approach to gender inclusion. We believe it is necessary to work on attitudes and behaviours to demonstrate a mind-set change:
> as managers and leaders
> as organisations
> as individuals

Outcomes and what to expect
> Increased confidence
> Manage perceptions and enhance personal presence 
> Build resilience

> Experiential activities and coaching to overcome personal challenges and self-defeating behaviours 
> Practical for immediate application

> 9.30-5.30 at a central Hong Kong venue: a special opportunity offered in partnership with Community Business
> Early to mid-level women People Managers

This workshop can also be delivered in-house on request.