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Peter Hilton

Script Writer and Consultant for Drama-based Training 
Actor Consultant

> Based out of New York City, Peter brings a high level of cross-cultural creativity to the needs of global organisations and their learning initiatives. He specializes in coaching and consulting on issues in Diversity Management, Cross-cultural Awareness, Change Management, and Workplace Harassment, using techniques such as roleplay, forum workshops, simulation, scripted and unscripted scenarios with interactive segments, and multi-media aids. He has experience facilitating groups of as many as 200 participants as well as one-on-one leadership coaching and mentoring.

> Since 2000 Peter has designed, written, and executed more than 1000 training and development programmes for the workplace. His work is used in global diversity awareness and management performance training for corporations and business schools throughout the world. His clients have included many Fortune 500 companies for whom he has delivered programmes in New York, Chicago, London, Zürich, Frankfurt, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, and Singapore, as well as leading U.S. business schools.

> Peter has an honours degree in Classics from University College London and 20 years of experience as a performer, playwright, and director in theatre. Born in England, he now lives in Manhattan with his wife Vanessa.