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Unconscious Bias

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Everyone has biases. Unconscious Bias workshops explore perceptions, attitudes, blind spots and tendencies that may impact individuals themselves and the people around them.

The objectives of any Unconscious Bias workshop are:
> To develop awareness of the potential for Unconscious Bias impacting attitudes and behaviours such as decisions and interactions
To learn new ways to become aware of one’s own perceptions and convert that awareness into inclusive behaviour
> To consider application and create individual / group action plans to mitigate bias and move towards inclusion as a:

Unconscious Bias

The typical contents of an Unconscious Bias workshop include experiental-style practical application to help participants:

Understand what unconscious bias is and the function it serves
Experience unconscious bias in action
Discuss how unconscious bias impacts decisions and career opportunities, interactions and performance
Consider best practices for mitigating bias
Form personal and group action plans

Price Global can tailor the biases, activities, and applications of Unconscious Bias workshops to your organisational needs. Contact us today for more information.