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Interactive-drama for Inclusive Behaviours

Using a customized systems approach, our programmes can cover any range of identified diversity related issues and leverage different styles of training methodology including:
> Case-study discussion
Interactive Drama
Experiential simulations
> Leadership Diversity Coaching

Sustainable cultural change comes with a mindset shift at an individual, group and organisational level. Changing mindset is a process, not a one-off event. It is important to have a robust menu of Diversity and Inclusion Programmes to tackle the following aspects:
Awareness Raising
Behavioural: Understand the impact of actions and learn inclusive behaviours
Attitudinal: Manage attitudes and biases that impact thought and decision making processes

Awareness-Raising Workshops
In order to build a sustainable culture of inclusive behaviours in the workplace, individuals need to become aware of their own attitudes and values. This programme includes information about the benefits of diversity and an inclusive working environment at an organisational level, for teams and for individuals.
Examples of topics that may be covered include:
> Definition of Diversity and Inclusion
The business case for diversity
Managing risk and reputation
Intent and impact
The role of leaders, managers and all employees

Behaviour Workshops using Interactive Drama-Based Training
Facilitated discussion and ‘in the moment’ experience using a custom written script and professional actor-consultants. In order to build an inclusive environment, people need to become aware of their intentions and impact of their actions so they can make conscious inclusive behavioural choices
Examples of topics that may be covered include:
Raise awareness about inclusive and non-inclusive behaviours
To learn skills and behaviours that will bring about cultural change
Intent and impact
The role of leaders, managers and all employees
Coaching desirable behaviours

Experiential Behaviour Workshops
Facilitated exercises and simulations for ‘In the moment’ experience and feedback for managing diversity.
Examples of topics that may be covered include:
D&I strategy - for teams, departments or the whole organisation
Leadership and championing
Communication and affecting cultural change
Managing difference
Developing diverse talent