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Individual and Group Coaching

Most people can enhance their performance through coaching at some point in their career. Coaching provides individuals with the tools to gain astute self-awareness, personalised development, and practical support for thinking through decisions and actions; all of which help to improve performance and confidence. Expertly facilitated coaching transforms a skilled individual performer into a stellar team member and leader. 

Areas of focus often include
Enhancing self-awareness
Strategic thinking
Personal presence
Increasing interpersonal impact
Adapting to different cultures, roles, and challenges
Confident decision-making
Increasing confidence
Improving presentation skills
Facilitating productive meetings
> Facilitating innovation
Effective team leadership
Self motivation
Managing work and life priorities
Career and succession planning

Our coaching clients include

> Current and future women leaders
Emerging Asian leaders
Senior Executives, CEOs, and Presidents

Psychometric profiles and assessments may be included in coaching packages
Coaching packages can be added to training programmes such as Women’s Leadership Development