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Harassment Prevention


At the most basic level, people need to feel safe, that they belong, and that they are respected and valued. While we believe most people have positive intent towards their colleagues, differences in perception, expectations, and increasingly different cultural norms may cause some individuals to feel harassed or discriminated against by others in the workplace.

Tackling these issues requires very sensitive attention to programme content and facilitation that partners with individuals and never appears condescending or obvious.

We are experts in designing and delivering highly effective programmes for the prevention and management of harassment and discrimination in general, sexual harassment, and power harassment

Features of our Harassment Prevention Programmes  

> A common understanding of what could constitute harassment and discrimination from a personal, company, and legal perspective
> Realistic case studies to explore possible options for behaviour as a manager, a witness, a colleague, and a victim
Partnering with individuals to empower them from the perspective of victim, manager, witness, and colleague
Facilitators experienced in conflict management
Aligned with the company grievance process