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Women's Leadership


If women don't need fixing, why do we need women’s leadership programmes?

Systemically, there is much to be done at an organisational level to lessen the impact of un-conscious bias and organisational patterns that may be holding some women back. At the same time, women, themselves can demonstrate their full potential by knowing themselves better and increasing their ability to flex behaviours.

Our Women’s Leadership Programmes are designed to show how others may perceive individual women and raise awareness about personal motivations, priorities, strengths and internal limitations.

Designed and facilitated by women for women, we use proven tools and a highly experiential approach to provide the insights each individual needs to adapt and develop their own authentic approach to effective leadership.

Stronger self-awareness of personal preferences, strengths, values and developmental needs to lead with authenticity
> Increased confidence 
> Understanding and managing bias
> Skills to balance and leverage ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ traits
> Effective presence
> Assertiveness
> Develop global leadership skills and apply cultural intelligence
> Develop coaching skills
> Resources to build resilience, overcome fears and challenges
> Clarify personal and professional priorities and trade-offs 
> Learn key influencing and interpersonal skills
> Leave the programme with a personal and actionable strategy 

> Experiment with new behaviours without the pressure of competing with the ‘usual’ dominant group
> Benefit from carefully facilitated, in the moment feedback and group coaching
> One-to-one coaching with an experienced coach
> A different dynamic with a single gender group
> Establish a network of women for future peer support 

Originally created for women in Asia, our Women’s Leadership Programmes can be tailored for global or domestic organisations anywhere in the world with sensitivity to culture.

Programmes can be delivered over consecutive days or as modules and can be combined with coaching packages.