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Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Consulting

An assessment is a vital starting point to establish an organisation’s current position on diversity and inclusion. An objective and skilled audit is the foundation for developing appropriate interventions.

Our audit typically involves a review of the following:
> Employee perceptions via on-site interviews and focus groups
> Existing initiatives and their impact
> Demographic data of workforce
> Policies and procedures
> Benchmarking analysis

Developing Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
It is critical for organisations to have a well thought out, measurable, systemic and strategic approach to diversity and inclusion. Following analysis from the audit, we will propose a benchmark strategy and can provide ongoing consultation to support execution.

Areas we often focus on include:
> Business case, vision and mission
> Priorities and initiatives to deliver
> Advise on policies, flexible solutions, surveys, awards, metrics, processes for accountability
> Strategy for specific targets and initiatives
> Methods for measurement

Ongoing Consultation
Examples of typical consulting services
> Participation as an external expert to an organisation’s D&I committee
> Setting up internal networks and forums
> Run D&I events
> Design and build organisational capacity to deliver internally run programmes and initiatives
> Coach senior leaders and D&I champions on their vision, accountability, role modeling and messages

Diversity Coaching for Executives and Leaders
It is absolutely paramount for any Diversity and Inclusion strategy to be fully impactive, that senior executives and leaders are visible and credible in their commitment to this value and change. Some executives need support and guidance to leverage their influence to full effect. Champions and Ambassadors of Diversity and Inclusion are coached to: 
> See and communicate their D&I vision throughout the organisation
> Engage and motivate a diverse range of people
> Demonstrate personal commitment 
> Deliver a convincing message as a formal speaker and via different communication media